Modular Drills Provide Advantages

Drilling giant holes in aircraft structures, whether or not a wing, a wing box structure or another aircraft component, stainless drill bit is neither straightforward nor low-cost. Cutting instruments, primarily drills and reamers, with diameters from 12.7 to 38.1 mm (0.5″ to 1.5″) or bigger are used on advanced drilling unit machines to drill, open and ream holes in several stacked, or sandwiched, supplies, similar to carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, carbide drill aluminum and titanium.

To complete this course of, aerospace manufacturing engineers and store floor personnel often apply lengthy, expensive instruments, reminiscent of strong-carbide ones, to provide the comparatively small number of holes wanted in every construction, leading to an especially high price per good gap.

Aircraft becoming a member of drills from 12.7 to 38. Should you beloved this informative article along with you would want to be given more details relating to drill bits – said, generously visit the web site. 1 mm in diameter or larger are used to drill stacked supplies. Image courtesy of YG-1 Tool (USA)

Process cost consists of setup time, instrument change time, tool worth and the logistics of producing a strong drill, which takes at the least twice as lengthy to make as a modular drill head. To cut back the price, YG-1 Tool (USA) Co. in Vernon Hills, Illinois, launched its newly developed modular head drills and our bodies to the aerospace market. These modular drills maintain the present geometries efficiently produced by strong drills however at a fraction of the value. Although a drill head and body initially value about 50% more than a strong drill, replacing the head prices 75% to 90% lower than a stable drill.

Adding Value

Three important added values are behind the modular drill concept for finish customers, comparable to aircraft unique gear manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and other manufacturers.

– Modular drills provide the same or better performance in contrast with solid drills. As stated beforehand, the modular drill head and physique design can produce the identical gap geometries as a stable device, leading to the identical efficiency. However, the YG-1 Tool (USA) modular drill idea permits freedom in physique design to improve the drilling course of, especially with regards to chip evacuation, drill bits as a result of the body diameter is at all times smaller than that of the head.

As well as, a chief benefit the corporate centered on was attaining a one-step final gap with a diameter tolerance as tight as 0.0508 mm (0.002″), which sometimes is specified by OEMs. This profit is a result of YG-1 Tool (USA) adapting its one-shot drill/reamer, or dreamer, design to the modular drill head, considerably decreasing the variety of steps within the drilling process.

YG-1 Tool (USA) launched its newly developed modular head drills and bodies to the aerospace market. Image courtesy of YG-1 Tool (USA)

– Modular drills supply pricing and logistics advantages. The modular drill concept is designed with a proportional ratio between the head and physique length to drill holes eight diameters deep. While producing deep holes, the physique stays in an excellent shape for a long time as a result of the undersized body is not going to expertise a lot wear.

In flip, the modular head prices a fraction of the price of a solid instrument and will be resharpened and re-coated like a stable drill. A head can be resharpened two to five times, depending on its diameter, the thickness of the stacked material being drilled and drilling circumstances. Heads must be despatched to YG-1 Tool (USA) or a specialised facility for resharpening and re-coating.

– Modular drills are adaptable. It is common data that holes drilled in numerous stacked materials can have the identical diameter but need different drill geometries to be mounted on the same or completely different our bodies, with some manufacturing stops required to alter instruments. The adaptability of the modular heads with completely different diameters to be mounted on one physique diameter provides more worth to the manufacturing process, helping end customers simplify workflow and improve work effectivity and product high quality.

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